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As part of the intense and arduous management performed within the internationalization process in which we have been working for about two years, today we are proud to report our first great achievement abroad, to be selected as technology provider software in the Savings and Credit Cooperative of Employees of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica - COOPEMEP.

The project was officially launched on April the  2nd  under the slogan POWERING THE FUTURE. This event was held in the Platform for Costa Rican Cooperative Services, it countedwith the participation of the Ethos board members, Mr. Ricardo Henao Segura (Commercial Vice President) and Mr. Daniel Fernando Cortés (legal representative agent), likewise attended by Ing . Edgar Susa (Software Architect) and Mr. Camilo Yepes (Knowledge Manager).

It is important to highlight the participation and support of Novacomp, strategic business partner of Ethos in Central America, who gave us their support, and knowledge.
The work done to achieve this goal involved a great effort in order to make Ethos a company world class. We adjusted internal and external structures, policies were changed and established a clearer philosophy, likewise, the internationalization process involved reviewing key issues such as laws, regulations, vocabulary, among others.

For a year and a half we face a very interesting competition experience, world class, facing companies like SAP, Arango Software, Cobis, Datapro and Pfizer. We Developed  workshops that proved the extent of Cygnus system and an approach to Coopemep and their needs allowed us to successfully be selected over other competitors and to be rated as the best face to the technical, functional and strategic needs to the valuation of tangible and intangible elements.

In this regard Ing. John Susa, president of Ethos, states:
"It was a process that began three years ago, we prepared ourselves, we did the exercise with the guide of Proexport, Fedesoft, Rosario University, business consultants, strategy consultants, technology consultants, industry people of the credit union sector, with the only purpose of building and assemble all the strategy and the necessary process to carry out a product that is the best quality that is in Latin America such as Cygnus ".

"To Ethos is a challenge, because we have set a goal, in which we have just taken the first step, which shows that the Colombian technology is one of the best in the world and that the product Ethos offers for the Credit union sector is one of the best in Latin America and we have the people you need for the process. We prepared well, we won in Franca lid, because this was a completely healthy competitive process, achieving to give the value the product deserves, which holds national and international management. "

Our main challenge is to give the name of Colombia on a honorable place, we understand that the product we carry out is the image of Colombia, in our industry, the Colombian software and what we can bring in the credit union sector. Ethos is a company born in Colombia, made by Colombians, for Colombians and now to the world.

Cuadro de texto: 'We internalize our motto, we committed to what we are doing and we remain committed.  There come very huge things and challenges for the company, not only in Colombia but in the world, for which we have to continue preparing ourselves '  Ing. Jhon susa







We Thank to Coopemep the confidence in our company and their credibility in our product. We end by giving the most pleasant and sincere welcome to our select group of clients and this great team that conforms to Ethos, we will look to meet your needs with the full commitment of our company.







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