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It offers to the commercial finance companies a tool to automate and control the  factoring operations or the portfolio discount over all kinds of titles, whether securities or credit content documents.
CYGNUS FACTORING manages the different financial alternatives whereby a natural person or a legal entity (issuer or seller of goods and services), endorses securities values or yields  credit content documents to a third term, which are originated from the sale of goods or provision services, with a discount rate change and obtaining financial resources.

It manages different types according to its content ((credit, corporate, tradition), according to law movement (nominative Titles, Titles to order, Bearer).

It allows the different stakeholders to link in the process in a detail and identified way known as the Issuer, the stakeholder and the Payer.

Through the system, CYGNUS FACTORING achieves the operations classification according to: the risk, (with resource or without resource), according to the responsibility (seller or buyer), depending on the complexity (simple, triangular or complex)
It includes the scoring modeling or the raiting of the issuing person to evaluate and determine the borrowing limit or quota


Management of several and different Factoring lines
• Management of different types of settlement (parameterizable)
• Control of factoring applications
• Registration of securities
• Generate and print the factoring payment plans
• Control the limit quote of the issuer indebtedness
• Validate the limit exposure of payers
• Validate the basic information of each of the securities
• Monitor Factoring approvals.

The system manages the entire process from the application, the approval, the document creation, the disbursement, the case collection, the collection on list, the recovery and the closure processes (monthly closing, causation, classification closure and provision, and the creation of accounting transactions). It also manages the control reports to credit bureaus and Banking Superintendency.



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